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Data Collection Regulations Please note, during your load to this site, your IP address will be collected. Email gdpr-ip@hng.ovh for more and removal from our database

About this site

This is blank, but there is not much here, explore pages below, but this is just a temporary thing

  • OpenNic Public DNS Resolver (Tier 2) - servers.opennic.org
  • Info about HNcatch is here, and see above to find out how to remove your details
  • Get your IP Address information here
  • Want more? Some weird info is:
    1. Current CPU Usage;
    2. Current uptime info;
      43 days, 11 hours, 04 minutes.
  • More detailed nameserver stats (not live)
    1. ns1.hn.fyi - IPv4 & IPv6 Working Fine
    2. ns2.hn.fyi - IPv4 & IPv6 Working Fine
    3. ns3.hn.fyi - IPv4 & IPv6 Working Fine
    4. ns4.hn.fyi - IPv4 & IPv6 Working Fine
  • Node and System Status:
    1. node01.hn.fyi - Permanantly Down
    2. node02.hn.fyi - Not functional
    3. node03.hn.fyi - Working & External
    4. hyper01.hn.fyi - Working & External
  • Contact us/me about stuff;
    1. Registry for .hn.fyi or .hng or about our opennic server - reg@hng.ovh [reg.at.hng.dot.ovh]
    2. Server/Nameserver/Abuse/DNS Server/Web Server contact - dns@hn.fyi [dns.at.hn.dot.fyi]

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